BridgeAid is a mobile application that connects individuals who are eager to help with the NGOs that are at the forefront of serving the most vulnerable people in the local communities.

The platform is a centralized program storing information on all local, registered NGOs that provide crucial services to the most vulnerable during times of crises.

Users of the platform can find the nearest NGOs to them, their respective locations, contact details and needs, and in just one click are redirected to each of the non-profits' donation page. A simple yet very effective way to facilitate and make the help more accessible.

Users can filter the non-profits not only by location, but also by services they offer.
BridgeAid is available in all countries on the App Store and on Google Play.
You can find all of the information about non-profits in Beirut, Lebanon and Boston, USA.

Stay tuned for extra features and expansion to new locations.
In the meantime, Download BridgeAid on your mobile!

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The BridgeAid platform was built in April 2020 as a response to the COVID19 crisis.

The global ongoing pandemic of COVID-19: the virus that paralyzed the whole world. We all found ourselves home, distanced from everyone and anyone, wanting to help, needing help, but mostly frustrated by the lack of power and inability to reach out facing the situation.

Seven people from different cultures and background participated to the MIT: COVID19 Beat the Pandemic Challenge aiming to find solutions to international problems faced by less fortunate communities due to the COVID19 outbreak.

Chloe Avedissian (Beirut, Lebanon)
Thea Badaro (London, United Kingdom)
Sophie Chapelle (Boston, United States)
Hanhan J. Li (New York, United States)
Yasmina Richa (Montréal, Canada)
Diego Rodriguez (Maracaibo, Venezuela)
Victor Perez Munoz (Barcelona, Spain)

Together, the team conceived the platform BridgeAid. They won the Challenge and continued with the project and implemented the app on the market in June 2020 launching it with NGOs from Boston, USA.

They then continued expanding it adding non-profits from Beirut, Lebanon - and are currently working to expand it, and adding extra-features for a better user experience.

What we are best at

Our Services

The app offers the user a variety of Non-profits with different missions, all of them accessible from your mobile
With BridgeAid, you can filter the non-profits not only by location but also by cause
All NGOs on BridgeAid are trustworthy. By browsing non-profits through the app, you directly access a database of vetted NGOs
Updates on current situations
The app is updated on daily-basis to answer the current communities' needs, to focus on where the help is most needed
International exposure
BridgeAid is an international app, already live in Lebanon and Boston. All non-profits on the app receive international exposure and users are able to browse non-profits internationally
All of the main information needed by the user about the non-profits is available on the app. If any additional info is needed, you can simply contact us by any means offered
Help your community
Today is the day to start helping those in need. Browse NGOs through BridgeAid, choose your mission, and contribute in making a difference.