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Christmas Advent Calendar


This has been one of the hardest years for Lebanon. Our country is going through its worst financial crisis, a worldwide pandemic and the repercussions of August 4th’s explosions.

With winter right around the corner, NGOs need our help more than ever to pursue their work and sustain the help.

«... but how can I help? Who do I help?»

The BridgeAid team introduces to you our Christmas Advent Calendar: Everyday, we will be presenting a different NGO on our Instagram page and enlighten you on the multiple ways to help them.

Keep up with our daily December posts by following us on Instagram and feel free to browse NGOs through the BridgeAid app. Don't forget to donate. Any amount counts!


Lebanon Explosion Relief


The catastrophic explosion in Beirut, Lebanon on Aug 4th, 2020 has killed 171 people, and injured 6,000 so far. While the world watched this incidence in horror and sorrow, we at BridgeAid has it hit close to home.

Three members of BridgeAid were present during the explosion at Beirut, Lebanon, their homeland. While they were physically unharmed, the city Beirut is shattered into pieces, and many people found themselves homeless overnight. This deadly incidence has further shaken a country that's already in a deep economic, fiscal and monetary crisis on top of a global pandemic.

We at BridgeAid hereby express our utmost condolence, and we strive to alleviate the grieving circumstance through our new initiative – the Lebanon Explosion Relief.

The Lebanon Explosion Relief initiative is about empowering the NGOs working on the frontline of the explosion relief in Beirut, Lebanon, through supercharging their fundraising efforts via BridgeAid platform and offering sustained spotlight on these NGOs' work. You can find these NGOs and follow our initiative via the BridgeAid app.

Your help matters the world to the people in Lebanon right now.

Please donate. No amount is too small.

By Hanhan J. Li, Aug 17, 2020.


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